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The Necessary Path towards Carbon Neutral

Amid global pursuit of net zero and continuous rollout of climate change policies, RECCESSARY launches quarterly reports to provide analysis of policy updates and market changes, covering the most forward-looking and critical topics to cater to businesses' needs for carbon management and sustainability strategies.

With the rise of Southeast Asia in the global manufacturing supply chain, renewable energy policies and carbon markets play a crucial role in the industry development. To help businesses minimize cost risks while offering decision-making advice, RECCESSARY also releases annual report that reviews and projects the development of renewables in Southeast Asia and major carbon markets, providing in-depth analysis of supply-demand and policy trends.  

Greenwashing controversies revealed: Voluntary carbon offsets x Business solutions

Greenwashing controversies revealed: Voluntary carbon offsets x Business solutions

  • ✔ Risks of greenwashing in various carbon projects
  • ✔ Six forms of greenwashing
  • ✔ Government policies against greenwashing in various countries
  • ✔ Greenwashing case studies of notable enterprises
  • ✔ Carbon credit purchasing strategies
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This issue of report features greenwashing controversies, delving into the causes, cases, and impacts of greenwashing and provides guidance on choosing voluntary carbon credits. This report helps companies ensure the authenticity of their carbon reduction efforts, thereby achieving climate goals while promoting sustainable corporate development.

Purchasing carbon credits to offset emissions is a common approach to fulfill climate targets. However, many companies have faced penalties for using credits with overstated reduction effects or making false net zero claims. Amid the global crackdown on greenwashing, can voluntary carbon credits still serve as a powerful tool for companies to achieve carbon neutrality?

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