Advantech to advance into renewable energy, carbon credit procurement services


Advantech pledges to go 100% renewable energy by 2040 and aspires to become the "intelligent promoter of a sustainable Earth." Pictured is the Advantech Linkou Campus. (Photo: Hsu Tsu-lin)

Taiwan-based industrial PC (IPC) maker Advantech has introduced the WISE-iEMS system, utilizing generative AI technology to proactively provide energy-saving strategies, promoting the sustainable transition of the industrial chain. 
The system has helped semiconductor component maker Vishay, power distributor Chuan Kai Electric, and other companies in achieving energy-saving and carbon reduction milestones, and is set to expand into the energy storage, green energy, and carbon credit businesses in the coming years.

Keeping pace with the global net-zero trend, the company plans to incorporate carbon costs into its business management in 2024 and has committed to use 100% renewable energy by 2040.

Grasp energy scheduling, carbon neutrality progress in one go with Microsoft's AI

Advantech has ventured into the Internet of Things (IoT) by developing WISE-iEMS, a one-stop smart energy management solution that assists enterprises in managing energy scheduling and tracking carbon neutrality progress. 

This system also embraces the AI trend, leveraging Microsoft's Azure OpenAI technology to integrate information such as plant operation data, expert opinions, and energy regulations, providing real-time monitoring and decision-making support.

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the application of generative AI in the industrial sector can improve productivity by 58%, reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 5-10%, and generate added value of USD 1-3 trillion, said Advantech’s AI product manager Judy Li (李宜臻) in a seminar held on March 22.

She added that WISE-iEMS has been fully implemented within Advantech, with data showing that the system has reduced downtime by 30%, increased productivity by 25%, and uptime by 36%.

Advantech showcases the WISE-iEMS central control system in Linkou Campus. (Photo: Hsu Tsu-lin)

Advantech promotes RECs and valid carbon credit for businesses

Advantech's four major energy-saving and carbon-reduction strategies include intelligence, energy conservation, energy generation, and energy procurement, said Veronica Lin (林美真), senior associate of the intelligent energy business department. 

Intelligence and energy saving refer to the introduction of WISE-iEMS and AI systems; energy generation involves the investment in a 10 MW fishery and electricity symbiosis plant; energy procurement includes the purchase of Taiwan Renewable Energy Certificates (T-RECs), International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs), green power, and carbon credits, she added.

RECs and carbon credit services are Advantech's next development focus, Lin said, adding that the company's renewable energy consulting and management service analyzes and simulates businesses' electricity usage, then introduces suitable types of renewable energy to provide green electricity procurement suggestions and valid certificates.

Advantech is committed to providing enterprises with Gold Standard (GS)-certified carbon credit products and utilizing an escrow system. This system ensures that suppliers will receive payment only after the carbon credits are verified, thus protecting the interests of both buyers and sellers.

Lin mentioned that Advantech's goal is to create a sustainable service ecosystem by connecting green electricity and carbon credit suppliers, carbon inventory consulting firms, and energy service companies (ESCOs), offering enterprises comprehensive net-zero solutions.

Veronica Lin introduces Advantech's intelligent energy-saving and carbon reduction solutions. (Photo: Hsu Tsu-lin)

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