EGAT’s 24 MW hydro-floating solar hybrid at Ubol Ratana Dam start operation


(Photo: EGAT)

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) announced that the 24 MW hydro-floating solar hybrid project at Ubol Ratana Dam has commenced commercial operation.

This hydro-floating solar hybrid project, located in Khon Kaen Province, integrates three green energy sources: solar energy, hydropower, and battery energy storage system (BESS).

It produces electricity from solar energy during the day and from hydropower at nighttime. The BESS supports continuous electricity generation during the transition between the two energy sources.

Furthermore, the incorporation of energy management and weather forecast systems aims to improve the stability of the electricity generation system by addressing constraints related to renewable energy.

According to EGAT, the solar panels cover less than 1% of the total reservoir surface and are installed with suitable inclination to let sunlight to penetrate the water surface without affecting the underwater ecosystem. moreover, the solar panels and floating platforms are made from eco-friendly materials.

(Photo: EGAT)

This is EGAT’s second floating solar hybrid project, developed in collaboration with Chinese firms, in accordance with Thailand’s Power Development Plan B.E. 2561-2580, Revision 1.

Under the plan, EGAT will develop 16 floating solar projects at nine dams with a total installed capacity of 2,725 MW. These projects will help reduce carbon emissions in the generation process, mitigate global warming, comply with the global energy trend, and push the country toward carbon neutrality. Thailand aims for over 30% of its electricity to come from clean energy by 2037.

Moreover, EGAT said that they place importance on the quality of life of people living near the dam, where most people are engaged in fishery. EGAT has worked with Fisheries Research Center to promote the conservation of aquatic animal species. Each year, millions of fish are released into the reservoir.

The authority also supports careers in fish processing and plans to develop a solar-powered shrimp farm to promote shrimp farming, enabling the communities to generate income and realize self-reliance.

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